I have been suffering from shoulder aches for more than a year. I’ve spent much money & time on physiotherapy & acupuncture but the pain keeps coming back. I tried taking Nutri-Joint for one month, the pain gradually subsided. Without feeling anymore pain, I can now do more exercise to build up my muscles. Many thanks to Nutri-Joint!

Zhu Houren, Mediacorp Artiste

I feel less lethargic after trying Women’s Essential. If I knew getting a good bottle of multivitamins is all I need, I would have done it sooner.

Amy Tan, 35

After taking 2 bottles of Healthy Hair Caps, I noticed my hair has grown stronger and stop falling when I shampoo my hair daily. It’s amazing!

Lawrence Ng, 49

I get the “traveller’s diarrhoea” whenever I’m overseas and I can’t tolerate street food as well as other people. Culturelle works really well for me; I take 1 capsule everyday and I no longer suffer from food poisoning every time I travel. The packing also makes it convenient to bring overseas.

TK Goh, 52

I have long hair, and I used to drop a lot whenever I shampoo. Nowadays, I am eating Healthy Hair Caps daily, and I drop lesser hair when I wash. It works very well for me and the price is reasonable. I am recommending Healthy Hair Caps to my male & female customers with hair loss problem.

Aimei Lim, 30

Nutri-joint works really well for me. Unfortunately after the shop closed down, I couldn’t get my supplies anymore. I tried other brands of glucosamine, but I also started developing joint pains within 2 months. I am so happy that my nutri-joint supply is now back; my joint pain is gone, and I have resumed my exercise regime.

M. Shak, 42

I exercise 4 times a week and I counter free radicals with Grape Seed Extract every time I work out in the gym. I have been taking Grape Seed Extract for 2 years now, and my friends commented that I look younger than people my age who don’t take antioxidants.

Caroline, 54


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